How to migrate from WordPress to Webflow and keep your SEO rankings

Here's how you can still have good SEO after migrating your site to Webflow

How to migrate from WordPress to Webflow and keep your SEO rankings

There's a common perception among Web Developers that if you want your site to do well in Google and have the best chance for SEO, you need to use WordPress. What if you want to switch to Webflow, but are concerned about your Google rankings?

Here's how you can ensure your site still has good SEO after migrating your site to Webflow:

  1. Meta Titles and Descriptions — Webflow makes it super easy to add unique meta titles and descriptions to your pages. You don't need any extra plugins, it's all built-in.
  2. Open Graph Data — You should make sure to add open graph data to each one of your pages and CMS items. This way anytime one of your pages is shared on social media sites, it will include relevant information and images.
  3. URL redirects — Anytime you change sites, re-design or migrate from one platform to another you need to make sure all your previous URLs redirect users to the updated ones. If you don't add redirects, your Google rankings can drop. Webflow allows you to add in permanent redirects (known as 301 redirects), to your site. In Webflow you can go to your site settings > hosting and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will be able to add in your redirects.
  4. Robots and Sitemaps — The best way to make sure Google and other search engines know about your site is to add a Sitemap file to your site. Webflow has this option built-in and you can enable it for each site by going into your site settings > SEO and turning on Sitemap. You should also add a Robots.txt code with links to your sitemap. The robots.txt file tells a search engine robot which one of your pages it's allowed to crawl and index and which pages you don't want to show up in search engines.
  5. Google Site Console and Google Analytics — The next step is to add your Google Analytics code to your site. If your previous site didn't have Google Analytics installed, I would recommend signing up for Google Analytics and add the tracking code to your site.
  6. Webflow Site Audit Panel — Webflow recently added a very useful site audit tool that alerts you to any accessibility issues with your site including any missing ALT tags on images. ALT tags are not only important for users with disabiities who use screen readers, it's also important for SEO purposes.

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